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Rainbow Rhapsody

Autism Awareness Day 2024

Rainbow Rhapsody is a poignant initiative aimed at fostering autism awareness and support on Autism Awareness Day and beyond. It draws inspiration from the multifaceted symbolism of the rainbow, representing hope, beauty, and inclusivity. Paired with the evocative connotations of “rhapsody,” denoting a deeply emotional artistic expression, Rainbow Rhapsody embodies a journey toward understanding, acceptance, and empowerment for autistic individuals.

In collaboration with esteemed partners such as the Kochi Municipal Corporation, Social Justice Department, and the ICDS-Women and Child Department, Rainbow Rhapsody is committed to a comprehensive approach encompassing awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, therapeutic interventions, and early diagnosis and intervention programs.

Rainbow Rhapsody is not merely a one-time event but a sustained effort toward creating a society where everyone, regardless of neurodiversity, can thrive in harmony. 

Nurturing Neurodiversity for a Brave Future!

Jeevaniyam Charitable Trust is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of individuals with special needs, with a primary focus on therapy, education, and rehabilitation. Led by Dr. Reshmi Pramod, our mission is inspired by her personal journey with disability, which fuels our commitment to providing comprehensive support and resources for children with special needs. With a longstanding dedication to therapy and rehabilitation, our focus now extends to nurturing neurodiversity, specializing in Autism, Genetic Disorders, Learning Development, ADHD, and Congenital Anomalies. 

Dr. Reshmi’s profound experience drives her to integrate Ayurvedic knowledge into our support services for individuals with autism and various neurological issues. Our trust is committed to creating an inclusive space where individuals with unique neurological needs can thrive independently and contribute meaningfully to society. Jeevaniyam Trust extends its efforts beyond children with special needs to include palliative care, disaster relief, and support for communities affected by crises. Together, we navigate the diverse landscapes of health and well-being, leaving no one behind.

Bringing Happiness to the Life of Differently Abled


Empowering Smiles: Our Vision!

Jeevaniyam trust envisions a future where neurodiverse individuals are embraced and empowered, with access to resources and opportunities for their holistic development, fostering inclusion and a sense of belonging in society.


Empowering Smiles: Our Mission!

Jeevaniyam's mission is to offer comprehensive support from diagnosis to rehabilitation, addressing diverse humanitarian needs and focusing on neurodiversity, including autism, to promote inclusion and independence.


Objectives of Jeevaniyam Charitable Trust:

  • Enhance the Quality of Life: Implement structured programs targeting academics, communication, socialization, independent living, and empowerment to elevate the quality of life for individuals with Autism and other neurodiverse conditions.
  • Support Family Wellbeing: Provide support and resources to enhance the overall wellbeing of families with individuals who have children with various neurodiverse conditions.
  • Foster Positive Attitudes and Public Awareness: Influence positive attitudes and raise public awareness about individuals with Autism and other neurodiverse conditions to promote understanding and acceptance.
  • Advocate for Community-Based Services: Advocate for and develop community-based services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and their families.
  • Uphold Human Rights: Ensure the assurance of all human rights for people with neurodiverse conditions emphasizing equality, individual dignity, choices, and respect.




Our CSR Partners

Jeevaniyam charitable trust has been active in the areas of training & rehabilitation of special children in association with leading philanthropic organizations, movements such as rotary / lions, premier clubs and csr initiatives of local industries. Over the last seven years, we have conducted 18 preliminary assessment surveys, awareness training for parents & care-givers.

Building Bridges of Support: Acknowledging Our Associated Allies

We are Associated With

Jeevaniyam Charitable Trust collaborates on research projects and engages in training and rehabilitation activities with various organizations.


VPSV ayurveda college kottakkal


IUCDS MG University Kerala


Skill India Project, Govt of India


CDS - Centre for Disability Studies, Govt of Kerala


Asia Pacific School Initiative

Our Programs and Events

Educational Empowerment

  • Conducted an awareness program and preliminary screening for learning disorders in lower primary students in and around Ernakulam district, in collaboration with Lions Club Kochi.
  • Organized five awareness programs and preliminary screenings for children with learning disorders in CBSE schools across Ernakulam district.
  • Facilitated three training programs for teachers in CBSE schools, focusing on the identification and management of learning problems in children.
  • Provided training programs for parents of autistic children at BRC Perumbavoor and Ernakulam district.
  • Offered training programs for resource teachers at BRC Ernakulam District.

Health And Wellness Initiatives

  • Implemented Ayurveda treatment for autism management in partnership with KCF Foundation, Kochi.
  • Conducted a medical camp for geriatric populations as part of the Vayomitram project of Kochi Corporation.
  • Hosted a medical camp and awareness program on diabetes for elderly citizens in Kadavantra.
  • Organized a yoga camp specifically designed for elderly citizens at Pallinada Church.
  • Actively participated as a member of The Centre for Disability Studies, Government of Kerala, in conducting research related to Learning Disorders and ADHD.
  • Engaged in collaboration with IUCDS MG University to provide training to professionals in the rehabilitation sector.

Rehabilitation And Inclusion

  • Collaborated with BPCL Kochi to organize a summer camp for children with learning disorders.
  • Provided continuous therapy and training for four children from BPL families for a period of two years (2016-2018) in association with the Geojit Foundation.
  • Conducted awareness programs on the integrated management of learning disorders in association with the Rotary Clubs of Cochin.
  • Coordinated medical camps for children with special needs in partnership with the KCF Foundation.
  • Conducted awareness programs & medical camps for children with special needs in collaboration with Chavara Cultural Society.

Recognizing Special Days With Purpose

  • On World Cerebral Palsy Day in 2016, orchestrated a walkathon to raise awareness.
  • For Autism Awareness Day in 2022, facilitated workshops for parents focusing on stress management by Sreejith Panicker.
  • Inaugurated Disability Day in 2022 with the Director of Finance, FACT, Shakthi Mani.
  • Commemorated World Ayurveda Day by conducting classes for parents with Dr. Reshmi Pramod.
  • Organized medical camps in 2016 and 2023, showcasing Spider Case Therapy by SR Nair of Mentorguru on World Autism Day.

Skill Development

  • Implemented a placement linkage skill training program for BPL urban youth (NULM project) in collaboration with Kudumbashree Mission, Government of Kerala.
  • Conducted a placement linkage skill training program for BPL rural youth in association with Rajagiri School of Business Science.

Outreach Program

  • Organized a medical camp in Edathuva.
  • Conducted online training programs for parents on minor Ayurvedic procedures for home management.
  • Supported online workshops during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Conducted an online training program on Ayurveda management awareness to improve immunity to combat COVID-19 nationally and internationally.

Upcoming Projects


Project UDDHARA is Jeevaniyam Trust’s  distinctive humanitarian endeavor focused on individuals with mild intellectual challenges—a segment often not addressed. Spanning 61 weeks, this initiative aims to provide intensive training and mentoring to a select group of 20 adults. The ultimate goal is to cultivate significant enhancements in their conceptual, numerical, vocational, and life skills, paving the way for social and economic autonomy. As a result, participants are empowered to pursue gainful employment or self-employment opportunities upon project completion.

Inclusive Education

Collaborating with Saraswathi Nikethan, Kaloor, Jeevaniyam  Trust launched “Project Inclusive Education.” This program, designed for children with neurodiverse conditions, especially autism, goes beyond existing government initiatives. Introduced last year, the initiative has already made a substantial impact, successfully placing four children in LKG and UKG classes in collaboration with the school. This highlights the positive strides achieved through the inclusive education approach.

Our Patrons

Venu-Rajamani-removebg-preview (1)

Venu Rajamani IFS

Former Ambassador of India to the Netherlands
Venugopal C Govind

Venugopal C Govind

Former Managing Partner and Mentor, Varma& varma, Chartered Accountant

Our Trustees


Dr. Reshmi Pramod

Founder, CEO of Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital, Member of District Social Justice Broad for Disabled Persons
Adv Promod

Adv. Pramod

Managing Director and CFO Jeevaniyam Group
Mr.Sreedharan Radhakrishnan Nair

Mr.Sreedharan Radhakrishnan Nair

Entrepreneur, Author, Adjunct Professor, Mentor
Dr M Bhaskaran

Dr M Bhaskaran

Managing Director, Aswini Hospital, Koyilandi, Kozhikode
dinesh p thampi

Mr. Dinesh Thambi

Vice President and Head Kerala Operations, TCS
dr dinesh

Dr Dinesh K S

Prof Vaidyaratnam P.S. Varier Ayurveda College, Kottakkal
Dr Saroj Thapa

Dr Saroj Thapa

Program Director, Asia Pacific Schools Initiatives, New Delhi
CA Anand kumar

C A Anand Kumar

Chartered Accountant, Senior Partner, JAKS LLP & MD, Finprov Learning Pvt Ltd

R Sudhir

General Manager, Nest Digital
Adv P Sathisan

Adv. P Sathisan

Adv. High Court Of Kerala, Managing Partner, P Sathisan and Associates, Ernakulam

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